Conference  rationale

The conference organisers call for the recognition of a development approach that is structurally non-violent and that places human rights and community control of resources at the heart of the development process. Lessons will be drawn from the history of non-violent mass action in India to illustrate how it can help advance the sustainable development agenda.

The Conference objectives are to:

  • examine research, policy, and evidence from activists on the impact of economic globalization processes, particularly in rural areas of developing and transition countries – experiences of democratic grassroots movements will be shared by Ekta Parishad and other movements in South-east Asia, Africa and Latin America;
  • support and develop peace-building initiatives and strategies for non-violent social, economic and political change;
  • promote land rights and local community control of natural resources as a route to food security, decent work and sustainable development;
  • identify the gender implications of unequal access to resources and promote the empowerment of women;
  • raise public awareness and gain political, institutional and financial support for the Right to Land agenda with specific reference to Jan Satyagraha – March for Justice 2012, organized by Ekta Parishad in cooperation with hundreds of other national and international organizations.