Ekta Parishad and Rajagopal in European media: enjoy the latest readings in German, French and English

Rajagopal P.V., Jill Carr-Harris, Pushpa Singh and Aneesh Kumar have been visiting several countries in Europe during June-July, and previously. This has left a trace in the media, please see the links below:

After the conference "From margin to center" organised by Freunde von Ekta Parishad in Cologne:

 - a text was published by Jonathan on the Freunde von Ekta Parishad website, in German 

 - an article was written by Marie Bohner in English about the same conference : Article_from_margin_to_center_MBohner.pdf

 - and an article was published from there in the Indian press:

After the visit of Rajagopal P.V. in Paris, an interview was published in the French magazine Terra Eco:

 - check the Terra Eco online interview in French here

And see the article in English by Andrew Williams published in April on the Lacuna website:

 - see the full article about Ekta Parishad and the art of protest here

Many thanks to Martin Bauer for all the pictures of the Cologne conference "From margin to center".































































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